Top 5 Reasons For Fire Damage To Your Home

Accidental fires are not only a danger to people in a home, but they are also financially damaging occurrences. The awareness of this fact has led to most homeowners getting insurance covers to shield them from the monetary implications. While this is a great way to ensure you are prepared, it is also essential to familiarize yourself with the different activities, events, and items that might cause fire damage to your home. The following are five reasons that may trigger fire damage in your home.

1. Cooking

This is the most common cause of fire damage to many homes. Wondering how something routine can cause fire damage to your house? Well, you may start cooking and then get preoccupied along the way and end up forgetting you were preparing a meal. Leaving them unattended could lead to the spread of a fire that could have been contained. Besides, having flammable materials near your cooking area can lead to fire damage in your home.

2. Appliances and Electrical Elements

Since most devices in the home need to be plugged into a power outlet to operate, you should ensure that you don’t overload the outlets in your home. In case of a fire, everything that was plugged in will be damaged. Also, do not leave flammable materials next to heating appliances.

3. Smoking

These fires are mainly due to butts that were incorrectly disposed of. If possible, you should avoid smoking in the house. However, if that is impossible, always ensure that you extinguish the butts once you are done.

4. Candles

While candlelit dinners are a great way to spice up your evenings, they could also be the start of something tragic. At times, if you place candles too close to a wall, it will cause smoke damage on the wall; hence, prompt for smoke removal services. They should be put off after use, and should never be left lit in an empty room, especially when there is wind. Alternatively, you could explore using electric candles, which are much safer.

5. Faulty Electrical Wiring

The initial safety of the home is dependent on the credibility of contractors who put it together. It is always crucial to assess the state of the electrical wiring before purchasing or moving into a house. Faults could spark, leading to unimaginable damage. When you call fire damage clean up companies to help deal with the destruction, always ask them to check the wiring.

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