Top 5 Reasons For Mold Growth In Your Home

Molds can grow at any home resulting in unpleasant smells, sight and may even be a greater risk to your health. These forms of fungi tend to grow in dark areas and it may be so difficult noticing them until they are fully grown and have spread out in the entire area. However knowing the different reasons and causes of their growth in homes, it could be easy to control them. Highlighted herein are some of the top 5 reasons for mold growth in your home.

1.Poor Ventilation and Humidity

Poor ventilation is one of the major causes of mold growth in your home. Poorly ventilated rooms including the basement, cabinets, bathrooms and attic creates myriad conditions ideal for moisture growth. Areas with high humidity are also prone to the growth of molds. You should, therefore, consider installing ventilation fans or using dehumidifiers to control moisture in the room.

2. Wet Laundry and Clothing

Leaving your clothes wet in the laundry room for a long time may also be a great risk to the growth of molds in your home. Water I usually the major factor and conditions that promote the fast growth of the mold spores and therefore leaving wet clothes in the washer for the entire night may promote growth of molds in your home. You should therefore avoid leaving damp or wet clothes in your laundry to prevent the mold growth.

3. Open Windows and Doors

Leaving your doors and windows open provides an entrance to the mold spores. It may be difficult controlling all the mold spores entering your home, you may reduce their amount by keeping your windows and doors closed especially during the winter. Using vacuum cleaners to dust your home.

4. Leaking Pipes

Sometimes it may be difficult to notice a leaking pipe and by the time you realize that there is some leakage in your pipes, the mold will have already grown and spread in the entire area. You should therefore check your pipes regularly to easily notice any leaking pipes hence preventing the growth of molds in your home.

5. Flooding

It may be difficult to avid floods but there are some measures that you would consider to dry out your home. It does not take long before molds can invest in a wet area. You can, therefore, hire cleaning companies that will always provide immediate services in your home. Drying out the place within the next 24 hours after the floods is an ideal way to prevent the growth of mold spores in your home.

Mold growth can pose great risk to your health and therefore it is important to consider some effective measures to stop their growth. Understanding some of the causes promoting the growth molds may be an ideal way to find effective means to control their growth. You should keep your home well ventilated, dry out your home immediately, fix any water leakages or keep the humidity levels low to prevent the growth of molds in your home.

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