Top 5 Reasons For Water Damage To Your Home

Water damage can come in many ways, whether it’s caused by nature, or because of issues with the equipment, sprinkler systems, appliances or plumbings. Here are the top 5 reasons for water damage to your home and how to deal with all of them:

1. Mother Nature

Some of the most common natural disasters that nature can cause such as flash flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes or severe thunderstorms can really cause the biggest amount of trouble. The water damage restoration after such disasters can not only cost a lot of time but a lot of money as well. The best ways to keep the damage to a minimum is by installing barriers, keeping the gutters clear, and storing up sensitive electronics and files at a higher level. Unfortunately, there is no way from preventing such serious disasters from happening but even the little things can help.

2. Water Pipes

The bursting water pipes are also very hard to deal and they could cause a lot of water damage. During the winters, when the weather is very cold, the pipes tend to not only freeze over but burst as well. Water pipes tend to burst if there are certain pipelines in use such as pipes with minimal insulation, water sprinkler, and swimming pool supply lines. The only way to prevent the water pipes from bursting is by protecting them when the temperatures tend to freeze. Use pipe sleeves or heat tape to protect the pipes and allow the warmer air to circulate in the room by opening the doors.

3. Plumbing

One of the most common reasons for water damage is plumbing issues. If you don’t want to deal with any water damage repair caused by the plumbing systems, make sure they are inspected at least once a year. Although the plumbing pipes can last more than 70 years, their life span doesn’t guarantee that other parts could break or leak in some way. In most cases, the plumbing issues could be caused by the likes of pipe joints and hoses.

4. Water Heaters and Equipment

Most of the water heaters, air conditioners are made of equipment like pipes, tubes, filters or gaskets that could crack, moisture or even rust. Specifically, the water heaters could last no more than 10 years so they should be replaced within that period of time to prevent any issues from happening. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time with water damage clean up, make sure the equipment is checked regularly.

5. Washing Machine

The washing machine is very helpful but it could also cause a lot of water damage inside the house if it leaks. Making sure that the machine works properly is just one of the best ways from preventing any issues from happening. The most common problem with washing machines is a damaged supply hose. The hose could cause a lot of trouble, especially if the washing machine is on the second floor. For that matter, the best way to avoid such problems is by replacing the supply hose every five years.

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